Serving Public School Districts, Private Schools, PA’s Intermediate Units, and K-12 Education

KINBER is a collaborative community of education, healthcare, economic development, libraries, government and public media organizations that utilizes the high-performance Pennsylvania Research and Education Network, also known as PennREN. By offering essential services and exceptional member support, KINBER will help your district or school achieve its mission and goals through the ongoing discovery, application and transfer of new network technologies.

KINBER believes in the strength of a vibrant, collaborative educational community that can work with leading technology firms to address challenges of common interest for the common good. By connecting organizations, building relationships and sharing services, educational institutions can achieve far more together than they can alone.

E-rate Program

As an E-rate program participant, KINBER knows that planning ahead for your connectivity needs helps to streamline the application process and reduce headaches in the years ahead. If you haven’t worked with KINBER before, give us a call today to talk about how our services can benefit your organization. If you’re already a member, contact us with any questions you have about planning for your needs.

Why K-12 Loves KINBER

  • KINBER’s enabling technology and connectivity will provide greater access and benefit K-12 education institutions and their communities.
  • KINBER can assist with schools meeting the federal ConnectED goals.
  • KINBER fosters international understanding and cultural awareness through connecting students globally.
  • KINBER can improve access to content for classrooms.
  • KINBER can foster collaboration with other teachers and learning resources anywhere, anytime.

PennREN, KINBER’s High Speed High Capacity Network

PennREN was built and is managed by KINBER. The network provides next generation broadband to non-profit organizations across 47 counties of Pennsylvania. It enables value-added services like Ultra (4K) high-definition (UHD) video, telepresence or videoconferencing, and data sharing. The collaborative environment also provides opportunities for member institutions to share best practices, content and programs across the network and save costs using KMEX, the KINBER Member Exchange.

Interested in accessing these services? Contact for more information.