PennREN, KINBER’s High Speed High Capacity Network

PennREN was built and is managed by KINBER. The 1800+ fiber optic network provides next generation broadband to community anchor institutions across Pennsylvania. It enables value-added services like Ultra (4K) high-definition (UHD) video, telepresence or videoconferencing, and real-time data sharing. The collaborative environment also provides opportunities for member institutions to share best practices, content and programs across the network and save costs using KMEX, the KINBER Member Exchange.

PennREN Service Packages

KINBER has created several network services pricing options to meet the diverse set of budgetary and technical needs. Our current pricing packages includes:

  • PennREN Basic
    • A la carte menu of services
    • Configured as Ethernet Port plus Service
    • Bandwidth from 100Mbps to 100Gbps
  • PennREN Advantage
    • All inclusive service delivery including:
      • Ethernet Port Service
      • Commodity Internet
      • Internet2
      • KINBER Peering and Caching Services
      • KINBER Member Exchange (KMEX)
    • Bandwidth from 250Mbps to 100Gbps
  • PennREN Service Bundles
    • Customized Service Packages
  • Dark Fiber
    • Annual Leases & 20 Year IRU
    • Available as Full Footprint, Segment or Per Mile

Not yet connected to PennREN Network? Interested in accessing PennREN services?

Contact for more information or call 717.963.7490 to speak with a KINBER network sales support specialist.