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Welcome to KINBER

The Keystone Initiative for Network Based Education and Research is a non-profit coalition of Pennsylvania’s education, research, healthcare, economic development and other non-profit based communities.  KINBER is lighting the way for new and innovative partnerships for its anchor institutions and members in the realms of digital resources, regional peering, tele-medicine, high performance computing and network-centric information technology applications.  Members will benefit from enhanced access to regional, national, and global R&E networks with “built-in” opportunities for collaborations between members.

PennREN, the Pennsylvania Research and Education Network, is KINBER’s first project that delivers a statewide platform for connecting its members through facilities based fiber-optic networking.  Members can utilize PennREN’s services for advancing their initiatives while KINBER provider partners can offer open access for expanding broadband access across the commonwealth.  With construction complete, PennREN lights over 1,600 miles of fiber on a middle-mile network that will connects over 70 locations.