Serving Public Universities, Private Colleges & Community Colleges

KINBER is a collaborative community of education, healthcare, economic development, libraries, government and public media organizations that utilize the high-performance Pennsylvania Research and Education Network, also known as PennREN. By offering essential services and exceptional member support, KINBER will help your institution achieve its mission and goals through the ongoing discovery, application and transfer of new network technologies. Essentially, KINBER provides access to connectivity, content, and collaboration.

KINBER believes in the strength of a vibrant, collaborative educational community that can work with leading technology firms to address challenges of common interest for the common good. By connecting organizations, building relationships and sharing services, educational institutions can achieve far more together than they can alone.

Why Higher Education Loves KINBER

  • KINBER assures campuses have a world class broadband connection that enables services ranging from connecting to Internet2 to non-interrupted, buffer-free video streaming.
  • KINBER promotes high bandwidth and networking to support institutional missions and answers the continually escalating technology access demands of higher education institution’s faculty, staff and students.
  • KINBER connects entities for teaching, research and development-based collaboration.
  • KINBER provides an opportunity to aggregate services for members at affordable costs.
  • KINBER provides access for administrators to conduct online assessments and access data for effective decision making.
  • KINBER provides access to affordable technology and services that many organizations previously could not reach.
  • KINBER provides next generation broadband access to effectively create rigorous, technology-infused learning environments with videoconferencing and distance learning.
  • KINBER facilitates professional development and helps professors to engage in professional learning communities and  access new educational resources such as curriculum cadres and educational portals.

Making the Difference in Research

  • KINBER’s PennREN enables exchange of large volumes of data quickly and provides immediate, on demand solutions for extreme data demands.
  • KINBER provides access to specialized national and international resources, such as world-class equipment and specialized data sets.
  • KINBER enables access to high performance computing at partner institutions.
  • KINBER helps professors collaborate more on research and education projects over a distance, such as overseas collaborations.

PennREN, KINBER’s High Speed High Capacity Network

PennREN was built and is managed by KINBER. The network provides next generation broadband to non-profit organizations across 47 counties of Pennsylvania. It enables value-added services like Ultra (4K) high-definition (UHD) video, telepresence or videoconferencing, and data sharing. The collaborative environment also provides opportunities for member institutions to share best practices, content and programs across the network and save costs using KMEX, the KINBER Member Exchange.

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