Are you a researcher or grants/sponsored projects administrator looking for assistance with a proposal submission? KINBER is here to help. KINBER provides comprehensive support for grant proposals to institutions across Pennsylvania that are seeking funding. 

KINBER offers grant development and proposal submission support in the areas of campus cyberinfrastructure, campus computing, cybersecurity, high performance computing, inclusivity & diversity in IT, and broadband access as well as other areas that improve access and utilization of networking and infrastructure resources.

Depending on the type of grant being submitted and the requirements of the solicitation, KINBER can project engineering project design and proposal development support and resources, serve as a leadership institution (if required), provide letters of collaboration, and provide grant proposal review and input prior to submission.

General Information About KINBER for Proposals

If you would like to reference KINBER or KINBER resources in your grant proposal here below is some recommended language to include in your proposal. Please note, you may need to customize this information depending on the nature of the grant you are submitting.

The Keystone Initiative for Network Based Education and Research (KINBER) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that owns and operates a statewide fiber-based research, education and community network across Pennsylvania. In 2010, KINBER was awarded $99.67 million in funds from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration and along with $29 million more in in-kind and private support, KINBER built a 1,800-mile fiber optic network and established the regional network PennREN to fuel cooperative projects and provide high-speed network access to organizations across Pennsylvania. Since PennREN was placed into operation in 2013, KINBER’s network has grown to connect over 100 organizations at 1GE, 10GE and 100GE. For many of these organizations, PennREN connectivity replaced a slower connection to the commodity network and their first opportunity to connect to a regional or national research and education network since the mid-1990s.

KINBER’s PennREN Network Overview
The core PennREN network is a pair of fibers lit using ADVA DWDM equipment, currently capable of supporting 40 waves and expandable to 80 waves with the purchase of additional hardware. PennREN uses Juniper MX480s to provide at least three 10GE waves from east to west across the entire network. KINBER deployed its first 100-Gigabit wave in September 2017.

KINBER’s PennREN NOC is  is provided through the collaboration of the KINBER Engineering staff, our partners at Indiana University based GlobalNOC, and contracted remote hands and eyes support. This collaboration allows KINBER to provide state-of-the art, customizable support services for its users. The GlobalNOC is a premier operational partner for many of the world’s most advanced research and education networks and operates out of two regionally diverse locations in Bloomington and Indianapolis Indiana. The PennREN NOC provides a 24/7/365 staffed Service Desk as the first line of support for KINBER members. All customer requests utilize the PennREN NOC dedicated phone number at 833-PENNREN (833-736-6736), email or the NOC webpage at The Service Desk manages problem response and resolution, dispatching Tier II or Tier III Engineering, hands and eyes support, fiber maintenance and problem escalation based on the priorities and protocols specifically associated with the PennREN network. The PennREN NOC maintains a general portal at, which includes real-time statistics, avenues for open trouble tickets, and reportable information on the PennREN network. KINBER continuously monitors and tracks its backbone traffic levels, with traffic graphs available on the PennREN NOC website. All PennREN connected organizations have access to the PennREN NOC tools, which include monitoring and statistical data on both the individual customer services as well as the overall PennREN Backbone. These tools are also available from the page

Required Documentation (Facilities, Equipment, and Other Resources Document and Campus Cyberinfrastructure Plan)

Many NSF grants require a Facilities Document and a Campus Cyberinfrastructure Plan. You can view examples of these documents here:
KINBER Facilities Document
KINBER Campus Cyberinfrastructure Plan

In addition to KINBER’s Campus Cyberinfrastructure Plan you can view other campus cyberinfrastructure plans at

– KINBER is pleased to provide a Letter of Collaboration for an NSF submitted proposal. To request a Letter of Collaboration, we will need to have a copy of your full proposal at least two weeks prior to the solicitation deadline to ensure that we have sufficient time to return a Letter of Collaboration.

Please contact Jennifer Oxenford, Director of Research and Community Engagement, at or 717-963-7490 to request more information and/or learn how KINBER can support your grant proposal development and submission including any specific requests for Letters of Collaboration.