KINBER Technical Support Transition to FirstLight

Q: Why is this change happening?
A: KINBER is transitioning its technical support of the PennREN Network Functions and Support from the GRNOCto FirstLight Fiber. In 2020, FirstLight announced its intention to acquire KINBER’s network assets. As a result, to improve efficiencies, it makes sense to transition support services for PennREN to FirstLight.

Q: When will this occur?
A: Starting September 28, 2021.

Q: Will this affect customer service and my ability to reach a technician?
A: This should be a seamless process, and you shouldn’t experience any related delays in response or service. The major difference is that starting September 28th, if you require customer support, you should call toll free 1-833-736-6736 or email .

Q: Who is FirstLight?
A: FirstLight provides fiber-optic data, Internet, data center, cloud, unified communications, and managed services to enterprise and carrier customers throughout the Northeast and mid-Atlantic. We operate a 24,000-route mile fiber network and offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions. We serve some of the nation’s most prominent high-tech manufacturers, hospitals and healthcare providers, banks and financial services, schools, colleges and universities, and local and state governments.

Q: Why is FirstLight involved?
A: In 2020, FirstLight signed a definitive agreement to acquire substantially all KINBER’s assets, including its fiber network and related customer contracts. This transition in customer service is the next logical step.

Q: How will this affect me?
A: The 317-274-3213 customer service number will be discontinued, but customers can call 1-833-736-6736 or email for support. Also, the KINBER customer portal and ticket history will no longer be available. However, FirstLight will soon offer customers access to its customer portal in the coming weeks.

Q: How can I submit a trouble ticket?
A: For a non-urgent request, email or for more urgent situations, call

Q: Will I still be able to monitor circuit visibility?
A: Unfortunately, the customer portal and respective ticket history will no longer be available.

Q: Who can I contact for additional information?
A: If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the KINBER (717-963-7490) or FirstLight (888-832-4976) customer service teams. Also, click here for a complete list of resources available.

To read the communication about the transition of support for the GRNOC to FirstLight, click here.