We’re writing to inform you of upcoming service changes within the PennREN Network Functions and Support Center. This service change is one of the first steps towards KINBER’s new chapter of collaborating with community partners across the Commonwealth.

Effective September 28, 2021, support for the PennREN Network Functions and Support Center will transition from the GRNOC to FirstLight. At that time, existing support contact methods will be repointed to FirstLight except for 317-274-3213 which will be discontinued, and the customer portal and respective ticket history will no longer be available.

Through this seamless transition and in subsequent weeks, KINBER and FirstLight are committed to providing you the high-quality service, you have come to expect from the GRNOC.

We know issues or questions may arise, if so please refer to the information below or click here for a complete list of resources available.

  • From September 28th on, if you experience an outage condition, degradation of service, damage on your network or have a customer question regarding the PennREN Network, please contact the customer support team toll free at 1-833-736-6736 or by email at NOC@PennREN.net.
  • Additionally, beginning on September 28th, the 317-phone exchange owned by GRNOC, will have a message, redirecting customers to the PENNREN toll free number. Customers should use the following contact information for technical support:
    • Email address = NOC@PennREN.net
    • Toll free phone number = 1-833-736-6736

Thank you for your ongoing support. We are excited to enter this new chapter. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the KINBER (717-963-7490) or FirstLight (888-832-4976) customer service teams.

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KINBER’s PennREN network provides essential internet and research and education networking capabilities including connectivity to PennREN, Commodity Internet, Internet2, KINBER Peering and Caching Services, KINBER Member Exchange (KMEX), and more.

KINBER’s PennREN network is a world-class telecommunications network spanning 1800+ miles across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.