KINBER Community Services includes “above-net” and cloud services that the meet the needs of our diverse community anchor institutions in Pennsylvania. Working in response to the requests of our members and community, KINBER offers these value-added services to help save your organization time and money and maximize existing investments.

Training and Professional Development

KINBER’s education and training includes technical training and professional development opportunities for you and your team, ranging from hands-on, skills-based workshops on SDN and IPv6 to cyber certification courses and more. The offerings are customized to satisfy member needs for technical knowledge, professional development, and professional networking, enabling member institutions to secure optimal return on their technology and human resource investments. Learn more about our webinars, workshops and special events here.

BlueJeans Cloud Based Videoconferencing

Through a partnership with AT&T, a channel partner of BlueJeans, KINBER offers discounted pricing on BlueJeans cloud-based multi-site videoconference services for institutions in Pennsylvania. BlueJeans videoconferencing offers a cost-effective, scalable alternative to traditional hardware/software-based infrastructure with easy scheduling, simple click-to-join meetings, and interoperability allowing for support for desktop and mobile allowing you to host or join from anywhere. Learn more and sign up today.

KINBER Digital Cloud

KINBER Digital Cloud is a digital repository service offered by KINBER to research and education institutions in Pennsylvania though a partnership with NJEDge.Net. This award-winning service, powered by NJVID, offers a scalable, affordable, secure, dynamic online platform for presenting, accessing, and hosting all of your video and media. KINBER Digital Cloud provides the ability to share videos and supplementary materials, upload and stream media in a variety of formats, create playlists and learning objects from anywhere, anytime, using any device. Learn more and request a demo today.


Through a partnership with The Quilt, KINBER offers the ability for eligible Authorized Quilt Buyers in Pennsylvania to purchase through the VMware Convenience Contract, a pre- negotiated agreement allowing purchasing of VMware products quickly and easily under a favorable discount structure. All VMware perpetual software licenses, products, corresponding support and subscriptions are available to be purchased through this discount program. Learn more and sign up today.

Voice Over IP (VoIP)

VoIP services are available through a partnership with Ironton Global. KINBER now offers network capacity and bandwidth to support a managed and hosted VoIP offering. Ironton’s SIP trunking is an application layer-based protocol that enables individuals to make calls and other interactions over the IP network. End users use PennREN bandwidth to implement SIP trunks that connect an organization’s PBX system to the public switch telephone network (PSTN) through a direct hand-off (NNI) to Ironton’s infrastructure. In doing so, organizations can experience a number of unique benefits that are not available through the use of traditional land-line services. Learn more and sign up today.


IPTV Stream 2 service is available through a partnership with Apogee. Apogee is the largest ResNet and Video Solutions provider in higher education. Apogee is colocating its equipment at the Windstream facility in State College. The partnership between KINBER and Apogee will allow schools in Pennsylvania the best available video services accessible from a wide range of devices and individually structured to fit the unique needs of any campus. Learn more and sign up today.

Foresite Security Services

Foresite offers managed security and consulting solutions designed to help KINBER members meet their information security and compliance objectives. In the face of increasingly persistent cyber-threats, Foresite’s solutions empower organizations with vigilance and expertise to proactively identify, respond to, and remediate cyber-attacks and breaches where they occur. Learn more and sign up today.

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