Managed router services are available to organizations taking PennREN network services from KINBER. Managed router service features include:

  • 24/7/365 monitoring through PennREN NOC collecting interface and CPU stats on each device
  • Automatic backup configuration of all equipment
  • Real-time Alertmon monitoring of any alarms and Service Desk engagement on alarms
  • Tier II Break/Fix Engagement of alarms
  • Tier III engagement of Tier II escalated situations
  • Hardware RMA Replacement
    • Equipment under SmartNET contracts will be replaced through existing contract
    • EOS/EOL equipment will be replaced with KINBER supported equipment at agreed upon pricing when failures occur
  • Software Upgrades
    • Evaluation of new firmware and software upgrades on supported devices

Contact for more information or call 717.963.7490 to speak with a KINBER network sales support specialist.